Beautiful Woman Poem

Poetry–Beautiful Woman

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It is heavy in my spirit to share my creativity with you all.  Maybe a few of you will read my most and praise it, others may not.  That is not what matters.  What matters to me now is sharing “Beautiful Woman” my original piece of poetry I wrote using my aunt’s and uncle’s computer back in the 90s at the age of 19.  As a young lady, I saw how tireless the women had to work and voiced my opinion about it.  Personally speaking, women are taking on more difficult roles now than they did 20 years ago.

This piece of writing is not to bash men, it is for all to embrace the daily life of a woman. Lastly, I will say, I have edited my beautiful creation just a little.  I have included some of the tasks that I do now that I am older.  My hope is that you enjoy the words of my heart about being beautiful, about being a woman.  Please feel free to let me know the things you do that make you a beautiful as a woman.

 Beautiful Woman Poem

Beautiful Woman

Beautiful as the ocean

Powerful as the sea

A Beautiful woman, that is she.

Graceful as the horse

she is the one to choose

because a man knows

a beautiful woman cannot lose.

She washes the dishes

She cleans the clothes

She cooks the dinner

She mends and sews

This beautiful woman is so unique,

one man cannot even begin to compete.

She takes care of the kids

she does her best

she is always lacking

her personal time and her personal rest

She goes to work almost every day

and still finds time to shop and play

To some other person, she is their best friend

And tells no other, when they need a helping hand

we pray to God

we are even church leaders

we a constant success,

all come met us!

So to all you men who don’t have a beautiful woman today

just wait and see, God’s sending one your way.

And to those who do, please take care of your wife,

because another woman may not be just as quite.

Author:  Dee Cheri

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One thought on “Poetry–Beautiful Woman

  1. Oh my goodness! I am a lover of words and a poetry/spoken word fanatic! Thank you so much for the beauty marks you are leaving in your wake with your written word!
    Katie Wilson

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